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Photograph of work by Qinrui Yang

Welcome To Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis is an exhibition addressing global challenges of waste, sustainable futures and wellbeing through design

Metamorphosis is on show at the Great Tapestry of Scotland from 17th January to 31st March 2023

Welcome to Metamorphosis, an evolving exhibition and workshop space dedicated to exploring research and practice focussing on waste and rethinking resources. Within the exhibition, you will find a range of projects that have all rethought discarded or by-products of production or that investigate localised production approaches to generate purposeful interventions. The design research and practices at the Heriot-Watt and in particular those of the School of Textiles and Design (SoTD) share how we might start to change practices and behaviours.

The exhibition represents the SoTD’s commitment to improving behaviours and practices in the use and application of waste materials and is displayed with work of our valued  collaborators, Kenoteq, use-less, Zero Waste Design Online, Sustainable Fashion Scotland, and our highly innovative students. We are also delighted to share the beautiful works of  our alumnae Flora Collingwood-Norris (Visible Creative Mending and Maija Nygren, of Almaborealis during the show. 

The exhibition will be delivered in five phases over 10 weeks from 17th January 2023. During this time, we will evolve the content through the following themes:

•    Finished Pieces

•    Deconstructing Designs

•    Material Waste

•    Rethinking Waste Materials

•    Speculations

To share insight and knowledge and to collaborate with the local public, we will also be hosting explorative workshops and talks on these themes. By doing this we aim to nurture future collaborations with practitioners and companies. In particular, we hope to grow new opportunities to work with the town, businesses and residents of Galashiels.

To find out more please take one of our flyers.

Sign up for our workshops or talks, and learn more by getting involved.

We hope you enjoy what you see and that you will revisit to see how the exhibition morphs throughout our 

ten-week run. 

Finished Pieces

Showing until January 28, 2023

The first stage of five showing where design research goes.

Deconstructing Design

Showing until February 18, 2023

Deconstructing materials explores the waste materials from products and services that are usually destined for landfill and mines them as new resources to be explored in creative ways. This hacking and deconstructing space will feed directly into our makers' space in the following evolution.

Metamorphosis is currently showing at
The Great Tapestry of Scotland
Gallery 1420

​Opening hours
Tuesday to Saturday
09:30 - 17:00

See how you can get involved

Throughout our evolving exhibition we are delivering workshops, talks and events that are open to the public. We want to share knowledge and to develop creative conversations that will support changing behaviours and practices in the future.

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